Sunday, June 17, 2018


I did a post for the first time from my phone. When I tried to add a pic, blogger froze. Now it just says saying. The post is lost.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

May Two Four Weekend

The May two four weekend, Victoria Day weekend, started off really nice.  I went with the kids to Costco in the morning and in the late afternoon we went to the zoo.  We had plans to go down the shore Saturday mid morning.  We heard Jovy at midnight getting sick.  Our plans went away.  Jovy kept saying he was feeling and really wanted to go to the property.  Late evening we drove to the property.  Terry got to try out his new chain saw and we made burgers on the fire for the first time.

Cooking Supper

It is not how we thought we would spend the day, but memories were made.  When we first arrived, the black flies were really bad.  Then the wind came up and the flies went a way. It has been a cold May.  After supper we packed up and went home.  We look forward to going back to the shore.

The Corner

Picture taken in July 2016

Picture taken in May 2018

We finally got to work on the left corner of the property.  Back in August 2016 we got rid of the tree trunk but the bushes were still there.

The Wyre family came down to help us.  They are very hard workers and we have a lot of fun, especially the kids. 

Just the boys this trip.  Rio was at a sleep over.

Terry and AJ cut down the bushes. The job actually took a lot less time than we thought it would. The bush got cut and moved in the same day.

 The left overs from the trimming.

 Mostly cleaned up

Easton helping to move the bushes 

Sun starting to set, time to get a fire started to roast hotdogs and marshmallows

 The boys helping to chop wood

 Easton doing the robot

 Fire going, the husbands making future fans 

Enjoying the fire. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Back Again

Last Weekend

We are back for another season of work.  Well, our first trip back was to have a fire with the kids and to celebrate our youngest first birthday.  As we pulled in the drive way, the property surprised me. It looked really nice. It was nice to see our hard work paying off. 

 The Birthday Boy.  It is really hard to keep anything on his feet.

 Getting the fire started.

 Enjoying the fire

Just before dark, we started packing up and headed home.  The kids had fun and they were tired. 

Back at Home

We are planning to go back down this weekend.  The plan is to work on the front corner.  It is a tangled of bushes and it is a mess.  We would also like to burn, but it depends on the fire restrictions of the day. 

This summer we are hoping to do the front corner, keep up on the mowing and starting cutting down the bushes/trees in the back and maybe plant a tree or two.  There is still no plan for the old house.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Mow, Mow, Mow

This summer was a lot of mowing by Terry. With a new baby, it just wasn't possible for me to go down and work like we did last summer.

There was also a lot more rain this summer compared to last summer.  The grass, especially in the back would be really wet and hard to mow at times.

Next summer, Hunter will be bigger and hopefully we can continue with the hard work.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A New Season

We went down the shore this weekend, to check on the yard and the new house.  We were pleasantly surprised. The grass was so green. The old house didn't fall down. Things were how we left them. Check out what it looked liked last year.

The front/side yard

We took the whole family including the new baby, Hunter.  Easton was so happy running around the yard.  Jovy and Rio went right back to the hole they were digging last year.  Terry and I walked around part of the property looking at the work we did and looking at the work that needs to be done. 

 Kids digging their hole

 Baby Hunter, 9 days old

 Easton and his stick

Us trying to use a self stick for the first time. 

While at the property, we talked with a neighbour.  He told us, someone came to him about the old house.  They wanted to know, if we would be interested in letting them tear the house down for the old wood. The house is over 100 years old.  I think we would be interested.  Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Birthday

 Last weekend we went down the shore for the first time in a long time. It was refreshing, peaceful and it was a reminder of our vision.  My birthday was Saturday and to celebrate my birthday I wanted to go and work on the property.  Nanny (my mil) came over in the morning to watch Easton and we headed out the door.

The piece I wanted to work on. It is a pile of dirt, weeds and broken glass
Up close picture. To the back, branches from a tree. To the left, all the stuff we picked up in the yard.

Our first stop was a combo stop.  Terry and Jovy were going in to Tims to pick up some hot chocolate, coffee and an ice cap for me. Me and Rio were went into Sobeys to find some lunch.  In Sobeys I started to feel sick, I am current about 16 weeks pregnant.  We went into the washroom and while waiting to see if it was a false alarm, Rio asks me "Why do you get sick mommy?" I answered with, "Mommy has a baby in her belly". Rio responded "Doesn't the baby know it is your birthday?"
 Terry's project, trim a path towards the road.  This is the back of the house.

We got into a grove pretty easy.  The kids were playing and helping here and there.  They really liked my dirt pile and kept taking turns (unwilling) with the shovel. I ended up going low, gestational diabetes. I didn't bring anything with me, but luckily there is a store near by.  We all went and I got a regular pop.  I felt better and we got some more done. 

The after pic of my dirt pile

A close up. We also moved the tree branches from the tall grass.

Terry's work, the start of the path

Terry at the beginning of the path, me at the new part.

The end of the day

With a quick drive to the beach before we drove back home. 

My birthday supper choice was Scotts Skins from Joes.  It tasted so good after a day of work. 

Our plan is to head back to the property next weekend.  So far the weather is looking good.