Thursday, June 16, 2016

Week One

Saturday, May 28th, we headed down the shore for the first time to start working on the yard.  We drove down, not knowing where to start, unsure of our feelings. We had walked a bit of the property a few weeks earlier and we felt over whelmed.

 The side yard

One thing we wanted to accomplish was to start making memories.  I can say with 100% percent certainty, we made memories. The first one started with Terry"s work boots.  The soles just came off.  He hadn't worn them in a while, they were in storage in a bag and I think it rotted.  So, I had to take a picture....

Sole of the work boots

The second memory came when the weed wacker would not start. Terry pulled and pulled and it would not start.  We borrowed the weed eater from a friend, he said it was sometimes hard to start.  Terry wasn't worried.  I said a prayer.  The response I got, "You wanted memories".  Awe, touche.

After Terry got the weed wacker started, he started with the side yard.  Me and the kids started moving wood from one pile to another.  We are looking to get a bin later and want everything in one spot. 

 Moving the wood to the concrete

 The kids being cute

 Rio telling Jovy what to do

 Break Time

 The Wood Pile

 Our Progress

 The Progress

 The Progress

As we were finishing up. The kids changed into their flip flops.  We were going to go to the beach before we drove home.  But that didn't happen. Rio went to put another piece of board on the concrete and she stepped on a nail. The nail went in her foot. I went over to see, tried to comfort her and called Terry over to take the nail out.  Terry pulled out the nail, blooded dripping, Rio "Blood! Blood" Luckily we had bandages in the car.  I wrapped up her foot.  Terry said "She might need a tetanus shot".

It was a Saturday, so we headed to the hospital and texted Nanny along the way.  We were lucky, we didn't have to wait to see a doctor.  The doctor checked out her foot and said she didn't need a tetanus shot because her vaccinations were up to date.  

Rio waiting to see the doctor.  She really like the hospital bracelet. 

After a fresh bandage we headed home to tell Nanny and Easton about our first Saturday down the shore.  We were tired and smelled of a combination of sunscreen and bug spray.  But it was memorable day.

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