Monday, July 18, 2016

Canada Day Long Weekend

 This has been the sixth week of us going down the shore.  Each week goes by and each week we get a little more done.  Every now and then, I look at the pictures of when we first started, our very first trip that ended with a trip to the hospital. The grass was so high, the pile of wood filled with nails by the house, the broken down fallen trees.  We have a lot done, but oh, there is so much more to do.

Week 6 of going down the shore fell on Canada Day long weekend. Canada Day was on Friday this year.  Terry had the day off. To celebrate and relax, we went to a sandy beach on the south shore.  It was just what we needed.

At the beach on the south shore of Nova Scotia

On Saturday, we were back to the weekend routine, Shore Day.  We were really excited about this trip because the Wyre family were coming with us and this time at the beach we were going to have a fire. We were very lucky because there had been fire restrictions a few days before.  Last time we went to the beach during the evening, the sunset was fantastic and the feeling of relaxation fell over all of us. I think we were all hoping that it would happen again.

We arrived to the property after five.  There was a breeze and we could hear thunder in the distance. The ladies got to work with raking.  The husbands decided to cut down a dead apple tree as well as take some limbs off other trees.  The kids sort of helped, but mostly played.

    The kids taking what we raked and using their imagines and building a fort.

The apple tree is down

The bush between the apple tree and cedar.

Crystal and I raked what we could.  Honestly it felt like a losing battle. No matter how many times we raked a section, there was always hay on the rake.  Before we stopped for the day, we walked around the house.  We found wild roses and a few other flowers.  

After being asked for the 20th time by the kids 'Can we go to the beach now?' We said yes.

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