Monday, July 18, 2016

First Time

For the first time in our 14 year marriage, we own a lawn mower. 

Here she is!  Terry found her on a for sale site

We have always rented and our lawn care has always been included.  The kids were excited. Our usually Saturday of going down the shore got changed to Sunday, July 17th.  The 16th, Saturday was the hottest day of the summer, it would not have been good working weather.  Rio wasn't feeling good on Sunday and stayed home with Nanny.  She has passed the sickness to Easton. Easton is feeling better and now Jovy has it.

 The Before.  High grass and weeds tree branches in the top corner.

 High grass

Sorry honey about your head. Jovy was so excited. 

Terry went to work on mowing the grass that had been previous cut with the trimmer.  Jovy and I worked on moving tree branches.  We worked really hard that weekend.  It was muggy, we were sweaty and dirty.  But at the end, it was so nice to see progress, the fruit of our labour.

 The branches me and Jovy had to move.

 Jovy so happy and proud.  He kept saying "I am just like Dad"

Some of the branches were to heavy to move. Jovy cut some of the branches off to make the load lighter.  He did really well. I was surprised how quick he was.

I made him take a picture with one of the branches he cut. 

The heavier ones getting closer to the concrete slab. 
We use the slab as a base to store all the garbage, junk and branches we want to get rid off. 

While me and Jovy worked on the branches, Terry mowed and mowed and mowed.  One day we will probably need a ride on lawn mower but as for now our $100 find will work. 

Terry mowing on the other side of the house

Terry mowed the second drive way.

 The After. No branches, cut grass.

 The After. No branches, cut grass.

 Jovy said, "It looks like a yard now"

The After. Part of the cut down apple tree still needs to be moved.  It is very heavy.
As we were packing up and looking at our work, it started to rain. The rain held off for us to get done what we needed to do.  As always, we headed to the beach, to take a look at the water.

Taken from the car. Hard to make out the water from the sky.

We are very excited to go back to the Shore, do more work and see what we have done. 

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