Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 5 - A Cranky Sandwich

Week Five, June 25th was hot and muggy. We were slow in our packing.  We were slow going out the door.  But we knew we had to go. We like seeing our progress and don't mind the work, but sometimes when we look around at all the work that has to be done, it can be over whelming.

Almost there

 Have to have snacks for the trip

We are having fun on the drive down.  There are drinks and snacks.  I am trying to get the kids to teach me to say "I will speak french to my children this summer." But it was sounding like, "I will speak french to my elephants this summer".  

         We pulled in the drive way and it was looking better.

The afternoon was really hot and muggy.  There were horse flies that wouldn't leave us alone.  They just kept buzzing around our heads.  Terry had problems with the whipper snipper.  With the horse flies, the hot weather and the whipper snipper not working properly, we were all pretty cranky.  We decided to call it a day and head to the beach.  The tide was in. The kids played in the water.  Terry and I just sat and watched them. I took no pictures. The ride home was good and we talked about plans for week six.

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