Friday, May 4, 2018

Back Again

Last Weekend

We are back for another season of work.  Well, our first trip back was to have a fire with the kids and to celebrate our youngest first birthday.  As we pulled in the drive way, the property surprised me. It looked really nice. It was nice to see our hard work paying off. 

 The Birthday Boy.  It is really hard to keep anything on his feet.

 Getting the fire started.

 Enjoying the fire

Just before dark, we started packing up and headed home.  The kids had fun and they were tired. 

Back at Home

We are planning to go back down this weekend.  The plan is to work on the front corner.  It is a tangled of bushes and it is a mess.  We would also like to burn, but it depends on the fire restrictions of the day. 

This summer we are hoping to do the front corner, keep up on the mowing and starting cutting down the bushes/trees in the back and maybe plant a tree or two.  There is still no plan for the old house.

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