Sunday, May 20, 2018

May Two Four Weekend

The May two four weekend, Victoria Day weekend, started off really nice.  I went with the kids to Costco in the morning and in the late afternoon we went to the zoo.  We had plans to go down the shore Saturday mid morning.  We heard Jovy at midnight getting sick.  Our plans went away.  Jovy kept saying he was feeling and really wanted to go to the property.  Late evening we drove to the property.  Terry got to try out his new chain saw and we made burgers on the fire for the first time.

Cooking Supper

It is not how we thought we would spend the day, but memories were made.  When we first arrived, the black flies were really bad.  Then the wind came up and the flies went a way. It has been a cold May.  After supper we packed up and went home.  We look forward to going back to the shore.

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