The Family Project

The Family Project

Our family project is to take our property and make it livable, make it enjoyable.  There is lots of work to be done.  The property is about 3.5 acres.  The yard is over grown and has hidden items like broken glass, discarded wood full of nails and other surprises.  There is also an old abandon home on it.

Lots of work to be done

The Plan   
This summer, our plan is to work on the yard.
Eventually, a cabin/home.  

We started going 'Down the Shore', late May to work on the property.  We are very blessed to have friends that have helped us work on the property.  They weren't scared about the work and are willing to help again.

The best part about this property, is that it is less than a minute drive from the beach.  So, after the hard work, we head to the beach for a bit before we head home. 

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