Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rio Beach

The W family came down the shore with us the first time on Week Two.  The kids were really excited to go down to the beach.  So, the moms left the property with the kids while the dads finished up their work and joined us later.

 Having some lunch before we head down to the beach. 
She thought it was so funny that the chair had her name on it.

 The tide was starting to go out.  That is Jovy in the water.  He can not help himself.

 The kids love the mud!  Rio also loves this shirt.  
She said she loves the smell of it, a combination of sunscreen and bug spray.

 My feet in the mud. 

The kids played and we walked around getting mud between our toes.  Eventually the husbands joined us.  Then it was time to head home, we got the kids cleaned up and left around supper time.  

From past experience, we learned to take jugs of water (we us 4 liter milk jugs) with us to rinse off the kids, towels and change of clothes and snacks, lots of snacks.  

We were so tired the next day.

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