Monday, June 20, 2016

The Beach

Last Saturday evening at the beach
Week 4

Usually when we work on the property, we leave the Valley in the morning and go back home around supper time.  This past Saturday it worked out differently and it was absolutely perfect.

Terry and a friend went down the shore in the morning to empty the house of electronics.  Me and the kids stayed home and had lunch with a friend and her son.  It was later in the afternoon before our husbands came back and we could have said it was too late to go, but we didn't.  We packed up two vehicles and headed down to the shore.

We worked for a few hours and the kids played.  As, we were were getting ready to end our day at the property, the evening sun had set in.  The moon higher in the sky. We headed down to the beach.

 Terry and me.  We are tired, dirty and happy

 We sat back, watched the sun set and the tide come in.  We chatted and laughed with our friends. Our kids played. 

 We are blessed to have property near the water.  Less than a minute drive to relaxation. What a treat after working hard in the yard.  See you next week beach!


  1. Like your own little piece of paradise!

  2. It kinda is. Being by the water, makes me happy.