Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week Two

June 4th we headed down the shore again, this time with our friends the Wyre's. Our kids really like one another and play well together.  It is really nice to have family friends. The Wyre's are rare and we are blessed to have them in our lives.

A lot of work got done that Saturday.  The Wyer's work extremely hard. I was nervous they wouldn't want to come back.   But they did want to come back and they helped us last weekend.

Cutting pieces of a broken/dead tree

 The stack of wood got moved from the house

The pile of things 'To get rid of Pile' got bigger

One of the biggest difference with the yard, was the cutting of the grass.  Mr. W did most of cutting this trip.  Head down and he kept going.  Also on this trip was the cutting down of some broken branches of the big trees.  Myself and Mrs. W worked on the wood pile from the house and other items found in the yard.

 Broken tree taken down, the grass cut

 Just a bit left to cut of the front/side yard

The kids were excited to go down to the beach.  The moms went to the beach with the kids while the dads finished up the trimming of the grass and the cutting of broken branches.  It feels good to see progress.

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