Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beach on Canada Day Weekend

After hours of physical labour of yard work, the heat of the sun and the horse flies buzzing around your head, it is nice to go to the beach and unwind. We unwind from work at the property, we unwind from the week.

  The tide is coming in, the sun is setting

Dark clouds moving away

At the beach, the air smells different, the sky looks different and the water, no matter the tide, is always amazing. Nature is beautiful, especially by the water.

 When we first arrived

When we first arrived at the beach, the sky was full of clouds, even a few dark ones.  At one point, we were all sitting around, waiting for the fire to build and we were surrounded by fog. But the fog lifted and we had a great evening.

 The kids digging the fire pit

 Their work.  
After digging, the kids ran off to play Mine Craft

Roasting wieners and marshmallows with the Wyre Family

Going 'Down the Shore' is something we are trying to do every week.  Sometimes we go alone and sometimes friends come with us.  Every week, a little more accomplished and we get closer to our goal.

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