Saturday, July 23, 2016

Week 7

Week 7  Grass is starting to grow

Saturday, July 9th we went down the shore. Our niece visiting from Alberta came with us. She is almost 15 and is super sweet.  The kids love her and she is very sweet with them, she plays with them. As, Terry and I worked, our niece help the kids dig a mine. They found worms and made a home for them in another area of the dirt. 

Jovy working on the mine.

Terry cutting into a new area.  I raked this area when he was done.  
It was wet, I found more wood with nails and a beer bottle.

Another new area, getting closer to the trees! 

While I was raking, Terry started cutting a path to the trees. I haven't raked this area yet.  We took a little break, then Terry couldn't get the trimmer started again, so we went to the beach. 

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