Monday, July 4, 2016

Week Four

Week four, June 18th, The Wyre family joins us again!  They were not scared off by the work in week two.  We were thankful.

Headed to the shore

 The husbands headed down the shore Saturday morning to remove the electronics from the old house.  Myself and Crystal had lunch together and the kids played until the husbands returned.

 Our kids rode with the Wyres.  I heard the kids howled like wolves on the way down.

 The side of the house

 A path to walk around the house

 More of the front done

AJ was a beast on the whipper snipper. He finished the front side yard, started the other side yard and made a path around back.  Crystal and I worked on a huge pile of dirt, looking for glass pieces and what ever else was there.  Crystal ended up full of ant bites.  Terry sprayed the ants nest (there were several) with Raid Ant Nest Destroyer. He also worked on cutting down the alder bushes beside the house,  a rose bush intertwined in a apple tree and a few odds and ends.  The kids mostly played and climbed trees.

 Moon in the sky. Picture taken before we went to the beach

After spending a few hours working.  We went down to the beach.  I wrote about it here.

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