Monday, August 1, 2016

A Friday Visit

Friday we went down the shore instead of the usually Saturday. The forecast was calling for rain both Saturday and Sunday.  We made the call to go down Friday afternoon.  Terry took the day off and the older kids were at VBS.  Terry's mom (Nanny) came over to stay with Easton.

When we arrived, it was nice to see the side yard look like a yard.  We noticed Terry's friend, a good neighbour, cut up and moved the big tree trunk that was in front of the yard.  The good neighbour also took the cut down apple tree trunk and cut down another old apple tree.

We got out our tools like the trimmer, mower, rakes and buckets.  We added to our 'yard uniform' of sun screen, bug spray, hats and gloves.  It was kind of cloudy.  But very muggy.  Terry went straight to the trimming and mowing.  I went to clean up the left overs of the tree trunk.  Jovy and Rio went to play.

The tree trunk that got cut and moved

The after of what it looks like. Lots of branches to be moved.

We moved branches from an old apple tree that got cut down.

We worked as long as we could then we headed to the beach for a fire. It was one of the weekends when there wasn't a burning restriction.

 We noticed the sun in a different position than the last time.

Tide coming in. Jovy by the water.

Our Fire

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