Our Family

The Parents: 

Terry and Miranda

We were down the shore over the weekend and we took an up to date selfie. We were tired and dirty, but we were happy. 

This is me.  Taken our first week down the shore. It was also one of my first time taking a selfie.  That is my arm in the way.  I have not yet mastered the selfie.

This is my hubby Terry.  He is cutting grass, that hasn't been cut in years.  He is a Habs fan and will probably question why I chose this picture.

The Kids: 
Easton, Rio, Jovy and baby Hunter

 Jovy, Rio and Easton (last year pic)

We have four wonderful kids, ages ranging from a few weeks to nine years old. They are sweet, kind, strong willed, little spit fires.  They make life our lives entertaining and fun.  Our love for them is one of the reasons why were are working on this project. 

Jovy is our oldest.  He is named after the band Bon Jovi.  He loves sports (especially hockey and baseball) and the out doors. 

Rio is our little princess.  She loves to play hockey and paint her nails. She was named after the Duran Duran song Rio.  I wanted to continue the Bon Jovi theme with giving her the middle name Bryan.  But it didn't happen. 

Easton Sambora, (yes, he got a Bon Jovi middle name), is our third baby. He will be turning three the end of September.   He loves to cuddle, his thumb and his blanket.

This picture was taken at the beach near our property. He loved playing in the mud.  

Hunter, our newest addition.  He was nine days old in this picture and his first trip down the shore.  He is a relaxed baby, loves to cuddle and gets lots of love from his sister and brothers.

He was named after Sam and Dean's profession in the television show, Supernatural.

Our Cat:

This is our cat Spotopotamus, Hippopotamus.  Spot has been in our family for nine years.  He loves sleeping in our beds.  He is very gentle and loves to petted (Jovy's suggestion).


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